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Mark Pace, iPartnerMedia Inc

Mark Pace


An experienced professional with a strong track record for developing customer loyalty and positive corporate and client relationships, Mark has worked in the “Graphic Communications” industry his entire career and is loving every minute of it.

Mark graduated high school as an entrepreneur, with a full-time printing business started in the basement of his mother’s home. That business developed over the years through various acquisitions and new start-ups.

“Somewhere in my high school journey, I caught an entrepreneurial bug,” Mark admits. “I had a passion for good-looking graphics, whether they were on paper, a wall, or a TV screen.”

After an extended tenure as a successful franchise owner, Mark decided to transition into a fresh, new concept: iPartnerMedia, Inc. It’s no coincidence that the young company is already garnering attention across the United States and parts of Canada.

“The name is an indication of how we truly do business. We aren’t just another contracted company or third party vendor. We develop a partnership with our clients; one that they can depend on and is beneficial to their success.”

Mark welcomes you to consider our team as part of your own and looks forward to speaking with you personally!

Albert Arguelles, iPartnerMedia Inc

Albert Arguelles

Vice President

An individual’s character is the ultimate compliment to one’s reputation, and Albert’s is spectacular! Motivation, Loyalty, Persistence and Integrity are at the top of his resume of personal traits, and his reputation among his clients, peers, family and friends is second to none.

iPartnerMedia’s Vice President is a family man and committed to helping others succeed while enjoying life. He served as a US Army Paratrooper before bringing his expertise to iPartnerMedia.

Albert’s years of client consultation and his natural ability to envision creative and unique direction that aligns with small business objectives has proven to be an invaluable resource to our clients and team.

“My passion for developing creative solutions that assist in small business growth is one of the many reasons I look forward to working with you!”

Randy Mitchelson, iPartnerMedia Inc

Randy Mitchelson, APR

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Randy Mitchelson is an entrepreneur, author and community activist with extensive experience in performance marketing, financial services, and web technology. He has served in leadership roles for Fortune 500 firms and several start-ups. In 2005, he jumped off the corporate ladder and started an Internet marketing and lead generation services company. Randy hasn’t looked back since.

“I love helping small businesses discover ways to grow their business, improve their efficiency and provide excellent customer service,” he said.

Speaking of helping people, Mitchelson also writes the DailyDollar™ personal finance newsletter. The DailyDollar was named one of the 8 Savvy Personal Financial Podcasts by U.S. News and World Report. He also has a long history of active roles within his community, including:

  • Founder, Larry Mitchelson Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (Estero, FL)
  • Founder, Michelle’s Angels Foundation (The Villages, FL)
  • Founding member of the Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership Inc
  • Founder and former Vice-President of STEM, Inc. (Troy, NY)
  • Past President Seminole County Board of Directors for Boys and Girls Clubs of America (Orlando, FL)
  • Founder and former President Marketplace Bank Foundation, Inc. (Maitland, FL).

Randy earned his BS and MBA at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. He is married to Susan, a Pharmacy Supervisor in the Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL.

So if you’re looking for a successful marketing strategy for your business, why not reach out to him? He’s always ready to help!

Karolyn Masters, iPartnerMedia Inc

Karolyn Masters

National Creative Director

If there were three words to describe Karolyn, they would be creative, energetic and ambitious. Or would they be thoughtful, fun-loving and devoted? It’s hard to narrow down because iPartnerMedia’s national creative director is truly the whole package!

Karolyn’s talent is as strong as her passion. Her extensive design background includes advertising design for a number of leading newspapers and publishers, so the transition from publishing to the commercial print, web design, and advertising world was an easy step. Her eye for design made her a natural.

Among Karolyn’s diverse portfolio is the natural ability to organize, manage, and direct our entire creative workflow for our team of creative directors and freelance designers. She also heads up our Langley office in Vancouver.

Outside of her work with iPartnerMedia, Karolyn operates www.BehindTheSmile.ca, a website dedicated to being a hub for information on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and helping families facing this challenge see the blessings within the struggle.

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Marian Hack, iPartnerMedia Inc

Marian Hack

Director of Operations / Finance

Marian’s corporate resume paints a career dedicated to administration, sales and marketing. Her 20-year sales and support history as a Xerox agency owner compliments her active approach to managing iPartnerMedia’s daily operations.

“Always remember who the customer is, from the smallest of sales to the largest,” is Marian’s motto.

She not only enjoys problem-solving— she excels at it, delivering solutions to customers with a professional and warm demeanor.

Outside of work, Marian is family-centric.

“The only thing better than being a parent is being a grandparent as well,” she said. “Family, friends, and community involvement provide me with a wide perspective of how rich my life really is.”

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Glenda Inniss, iPartnerMedia Inc

Glenda Inniss

Account Manager

Glenda moved to Naples from Trinidad in 1996 after coming here on vacation. That fated visit turned into a permanent one when Glenda fell in love with Florida and decided to call it home.

She worked many years as an Account Manager for Xerox before transitioning to a similar role with iPartnerMedia in 2015. Glenda’s enthusiasm and dedicated work ethic is contagious among the iPartnerMedia team and their clients.

Outside of the workplace, Glenda plays plays an active role in her children’s sports, music, and creative endeavors as a chaperone and event volunteer. She loves the outdoors and enjoys spending time on Florida’s famous beaches.

When she’s not enjoying the sunshine, Glenda can be found serving in several active roles within the Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers communities. You’ll find her energetic spirit and positive smile at many of the marketing and Chamber events within the area.

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Rachel Perez, iPartnerMedia Inc

Rachel Perez

Social Media Strategist, Copywriter

Rachel began her insatiable love for reading and writing in Middle Earth. Roused by heroic tales and adventures, she began her own journey, trading a sword for a pen. Rachel earned a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2014. While she finished her degree, Rachel began as an intern at iPartnerMedia where she grew as a writer and extended her skills into the social media sphere. Following her graduation, she joined the iPartnerMedia family full-time and became immersed in social media and content creation.

“I never realized how important a company’s voice on social media was,” She reflected. “It’s not only an easy way to interact with your customer, it gives them a more personal glance at your business. Everyone wants to know the people behind the brand.”

Rachel is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in London, England at City University. When she’s not studying or online chatting with her beloved iPartnerMedia team, Rachel can be found gallivanting around London!

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Elizabeth Carlton, iPartnerMedia Inc

Elizabeth Carlton

Copywriter, Content Marketing Manager

Elizabeth first stepped into the professional writing scene as a spritely twenty-year-old with an insatiable love for music. In 2008, she started working freelance for two national music magazines called AMP and Hails and Horns where she learned how to find the soul behind the story.

Two years later, she graduated from Pfeiffer University in with a B.A. in Journalism— just as digital media rocked the journalism industry. Many publications she worked for close, yet her tenacity and determination to make writing a career led her to evolve. She revisited her first love: fiction, and in the span of a year wrote her first novel called The Royal Rogue.

“It started as something I did for fun,” she confessed. “I never dreamed it would put me on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.”

The book was published in October 2012 and was well-received. In October 2015, she released her second novel, Chivalry’s Code. Throughout the years, Elizabeth has continued to freelance for newspapers and online publications while working with a vast array of clients through copywriting and editing services. That’s how she discovered iPartnerMedia. Impressed by their marketing services and their catered, client-friendly approach, she joined their phenomenal team as a Copywriter and Content Marketing Manager in August 2015.

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Jose Garcia, iPartnerMedia Inc

Jose Garcia

Web Developer

A long time ago, in a galaxy really close to ours, there was born a young padawan named Jose Garcia. Raised in Los Angeles, California, it was apparent from an early age that he was fated for success. He received a B.S. Degree in Computer Information Systems from Greenville College in Illinois, where he also played Point Guard for their NCAA basketball team.

We suspect there was a period in which Jose disappeared to partake in his jedi training, for the Force was strong in him when he chose to join iPartnerMedia in June of 2015. He brought with him extraordinary talent and innate abilities to design spectacular websites that rise to the top of today’s most popular search engines.

In his down time, Jose watches the historical documentaries known as A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as he continues to hone his lightsaber skills and study the teachings of the late Master Yoda.

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Nelson Alvarez, iPartnerMedia Inc

Nelson Alvarez

SEO & PPC Specialist

Born in Jersey City and raised in Miami, Nelson spent 17 years in the hospitality industry before going to school for Computer Science. There, his education set him straight on the path to iPartnerMedia by personal recommendation of his instructor.

Nelson now spends his days tending to our servers, editing websites, providing client support and scaring our bloggers into making typos (don’t worry, we correct them). He is known to drink massive amounts of coffee which fuels his early morning workouts and passionate work ethic.

When asked where his inspiration comes from, he looks to his role models, Pinky and the Brain.

“If you don’t get up with the intent of taking over the world, what’s the point of getting up?” he said.

Nelson has a love for puppies, but lives in a paradox where he is allergic to the furry ones. Despite his sniffly challenges with four-legged friends, he approaches life and customer service with a warm demeanor and great sense of humor.

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Danielle Huppe, iPartnerMedia Inc

Danielle Huppe

Senior Designer

Danielle caught the spark for design at an early age. Her interest kindled into a passionate career creating and developing brands for different businesses over the course of a decade. She completed her formal trailing through BCIT and Emily Carr before building a repertoire of experience through various design jobs.

With each new project, she found fulfillment in bringing satisfying digital communication to her clients’ business and brand. In the process, Danielle built positive professional relationships as well as a sterling reputation for her stellar work ethic and impressive results.

“I like to think of my clients as friends,” Danielle said, and it shows in the way she respects and remains attentive to every client she serves.

When Danielle isn’t designing a killer new look and feel for her clients, she can be found exploring the vast outdoors!

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Agnes Wnek

Agnes Wnek

Business Development

Agnes is familiar and comfortable with wearing many hats. In fact, it’s her specialty! A big believer in teamwork, community, and making connections, she doesn’t believe that any assignment can be too big, or too small.

Driven by her passion, Agnes is constantly fueled by the inspiration she finds in others. Although she graduated with a Police Foundations Diploma from Fanshawe College, she soon discovered that the business world was a better fit. Prior to joining iPartnerMedia as part of the Business Development department in Canada, she worked the high demand position of an Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager for Matheson Ventures Ltd.

In her spare time, Agnes likes to hike with her rambunctious pug, Hurley, and explore her beautiful backyard called British Columbia.

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