Like catching fish in a bucket

Paid Search Marketing or Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), involves strategic keyword management. To be most effective, your paid search program should work hand-in-hand with your organic search (Search Engine Optimization). With SEM, your search ranking and placement is based on the purchase of specific keywords. The bid price of keywords varies, depending on the quality and competition for those keywords.

iPartnerMedia is constantly evaluating and testing our PPC campaigns, and will recommend opportunities for improvement. Another critical element to the success of your PPC campaign is an effective, engaging landing page. We’ll review your page, and, if necessary, redesign key page elements to make sure it’s easy to navigate, with relevant content and a strong offer—all of which are important elements for better performance and high conversion rates.

We provide creative services and specialized content creation so that your PPC ad and your landing page are stronger, smarter, and more appealing that your competition.