Preparing for Your Holiday Marketing

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Preparing for Holiday Marketing

The Holidays are just around the corner. Have you thought about your holiday marketing promotions? If not, it’s time to prepare! We’re here to help you with some unique and creative ways to sell your products and services this holiday season! The holiday season can be a tricky time. Rise above all the clutter and noise in an oversaturated market. You want your message to be clear, concise, and, of course, desirable!

To make the most of your 2014 holiday season, analyze past and current data. Discover what worked last year around this time, what didn’t, and discuss ways to leverage/change the course of your future. New social media analytics have created a wealth of information thanks to easy to read graphs and statistics. See where you’re at now and decide where you would like to be. Remember, you can never plan too much. Always be flexible but have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve this holiday season.

Think: Mobile! Our smart phones are changing the way with shop and look for desired items. Don’t forget it! Consider mobile advertising and a responsive website. You don’t want to keep your customer’s waiting with frustrating buffers or a poor format. Also, consider mobile advertisements through Google AdWords or a Facebook PPC campaign. If you have a mobile app, consider a monthly promotion. If you don’t have a mobile app, consider one!

We just mentioned your Google AdWords and Facebook PPC campaigns. Prepare your ad campaigns now. Don’t convince yourself that it’s “not even Halloween yet”. Your message and brand needs to be in the customer’s mind before they buy. The best time to start is now. Be courteous though, you don’t want to overload your customers with countless call to actions; start small and slowly work your way into more continuous advertisements.

Start preparing your social media content now as well. For example, if you want to highlight a particular product or advertisement this holiday season, start posting about it now. Teach your customers a little bit more about the features, write a blog post about it. Let them know what it is and why they want it with engaging, subtle content creation.

There are other things you can consider including free shipping campaigns or an increase in your email marketing campaigns. The holiday is going to be here before we know it. Start preparing now so that you can focus on delivering your customers what they need.