3 Tips to Give Your Print Marketing More Punch

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print marketingPrint marketing and media may have given up some of its space in the ring to digital media, but it’s still one of the most powerful mediums. The digital sphere has carved a new path into business, but instead of forgetting all about print; let it grow your business for you. Businesses of every size is turning to traditional print media to get creative and ease past the competition. Water your economic garden and let the vines extend and grow your business.

1. Time to Bulk Up

Print is the most tangible and trustworthy sources of media. While it may not seem as accessible as your cell phone or laptop, it actually holds more purpose. So find a trainer and watch your business and brand bulk up with print initiatives.

When customers are scrolling through their newsfeeds or checking the game’s scores, they’re bombarded with so much extraneous information it usually passes them by without them even noticing. That is because, users visit social media pages with a more passive mentality. However, when we pick up or seek out print marketing and media, like brochures, flyers, or magazines, we have an intentional state-of-mind. We read with a purpose, be it to educate ourselves, research something, or simply be entertained.

Using print to grow your business is not only smart; it works. 79% of households say they read or scan their mail daily. Direct mail, in fact, receives more response than email, with an average of 122% higher. Mail is tangible, targeted, and more personal. When you use services like Direct Mail, it shows effort and engagement in a way that an email doesn’t.

2. Exercise Your Power

The bulk of your business will only thrive if it’s given the energy and nutrients it needs to grow. Investing in print collateral is investing in your business. Most think of print media as just a boring brochure or bland flyer, when it’s so much more than that. Think of your business as a blank canvas. Shower it with color and captivating images that your customers will never forget.

Marketing is all about evolution. What worked ten years ago, does not necessarily work now. Print media is still one of the largest players for business growth and success. Know your customers and play to your strengths. Remember, print is versatile. Seventy-six percent of small businesses utilize both print and digital marketing to reach their customers and clientele. Bounce off of digital campaigns, with post card or direct mail reminder.

Post cards, banners, and business proposals, are all vehicles to grow your brand awareness. Show off your message and your image anywhere and everywhere, in any size. Rooted deeply into your values and message, your brand is the pillar and foundation to your business.

3. Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

To properly care for the body of your business, you have to nurture it, train it, and exercise your power. Identify the best opportunities to use various marketing mediums. Print is accessible, tangible, and cost-effective. Best used to announce a product, service, event, or new location, print is something people can pick up and keep.

Print media and services like Every Door Direct Mail, gives you the opportunity to target your audience to best suit your product or service. With the United States Postal Service, you can map out the best area based on criteria, including:

      • Age Range
      • Average Household Income
      • Average Household Size
      • Type of Route (Residential and Business, or just Residential)
      • Type of Address (City, Rural, or PO Box)

With print media, you have control of targeting, delivery areas, and of course, actual content! Why not explore and reach out to your customer’s with a personal and colorful mailer!

Your Lean, Mean Marketing Machine

The wide world of print can be daunting. Let iPartnerMedia help you get started! We are experienced and equipped to help facilitate the success of your marketing campaigns, media endeavors, and brand strategy.

We are a full, in-house print marketing team that provides services for mailer design, print media, content creation, and mailing. If you have questions about the best way to execute a print media marketing campaign or would like our team to collaborate with you, give us a call at 239-449-4749.