The rise of the digital world has caused people to forget about traditional means of marketing. There have been some wild and fabricated accusations thrown around the marketing world lately.

“Old” media has been wrongly vilified and it’s importance has been disregarded. It’s time to put these rumors to rest!

Print is a necessity for effective marketing campaigns and strategies. Newsletters and Direct Mail materials are the secret weapons of the marketing world.

Trustworthy, Prestigious Print Newsletters

In a world ruled by screen, print is now viewed as commodity. It’s luxurious, appreciated, and gives off great impressions. Customers recognize the investment in print. It encourages appreciation, communication, and shows readers that your business cares.

A 2014 survey conducted by a major newsletter publisher claim 80% of participants say they always read the print newsletters and magazines they receive. Pair that high percentage with a business whose reputation is revered and retention increases among readers. Print newsletters and mailers exceed web-based call-to-actions. It’s a lot easier to keep scrolling or press delete when you receive correspondence to an unknown business. Print, however, shows creative initiation, care, and professionalism as soon as they pick it up.

You can also keep print. After a long day, it’s still common to sit back, relax, and read. It could be your newsletter that customers are reading.

When you send out a newsletter or mailer, customers often keep the printed materials they receive. Even if they don’t act on the offer or service immediately, your company’s name remains in the customer’s mind.

Let your marketing materials do the work for you. When you have to go, print materials stay and spread your business’ name while you’re away.

The Secret is in the Content

Print newsletters are more than flashy design and detailed visuals; it’s a great place to showcase your business, new products and services, and recognize Fourth, print newsletters are a great place to profile, feature, showcase and give recognition to customers, clients, or patients. It’s meaningful to people to see themselves in print. I get a lot of thank-yous from my clients when I dispense atta-boys and recognition to them in newsletters.

Grab Their Attention

Make materials they won’t want to put down! Catch their eye with colorful design, but keep them reading with engaging, informative text. Marketing is all about the content. Your business can use several creative tactics to make your print newsletter or Direct Mail postcard stand out from the competition.

  • Personal Stories
  • Useful Tips
  • Creative Narratives
  • Generous Offers

Creative Content Creators, At Your Service!

Having trouble whipping up engaging content to fill your newsletter? Are you lacking in fun, memorable design? It’s time to call in the professionals! iPartnerMedia specializes in creative content marketing that draws in your audience and keeps them. If you’re having doubts or riddled with questions concerning your print marketing, social media pages, or simply want to get started, contact us today.

From Direct Mail Marketing to branding guides and design, we can help you make an impact on and off screen. Just give us a call at 239-449-4749.