SSL Certificate


SSL certificates keep your business and the user safe, build trust with current and prospective customers, improve Google rankings, and increase conversions.

Our team has been providing SSL certificates to local and national companies for a one-time annual fee of $150, and $89 annually after the first year.



Is Your Website Secure?

Finding out whether your website is secure or not is simple. When you visit your site does the url begin with “HTTP” or “HTTPS”? If it begins with the former, your website is not secure.

Don’t panic, but don’t ignore it either!

Secure websites and URLs beginning with “HTTPS” have SSL certificates behind them. SSL certificates secure your website’s connection and boost its ranking in Google.

Google is cracking down on unsecure sites and this month they will be showing a “NOT SECURE” warning before Internet browsers access a website that does not have an SSL Certificate. The consequences of this can be troubling, reducing your web traffic, online lead generation, and customer confidence.

Why Google is cracking down on unsecure sites?

Product Specifications:

Verification process

  • Validates domain ownership. Verifies the person making the request has administrative rights.
  • Fast electronic process.
  • Low cost.

Site indicators

https:// prefix green-check
Padlock icon green-check
Verification Seal Options img_verified_logo

Certificate verifies

Domain control green-check
256-bit encryption green-check
Enforces 2048-bit CSR encryption for higher security. green-check
Warranty $100,000/yr
99.9% browser recognition green-check
Covers unlimited servers green-check
Unlimited re-issue period green-check