Promotional Products

The Power of “Swag”

Imagine your brand integrated into every aspect of your customer’s day. Promotional products allows your brand to be there even when you are not. Whether they’re enjoying their morning coffee or jotting down some notes, your business is right in front of their eyes!

Promotional products are extremely flexible and can be used in tandem with a multitude of different products. Remain at the top of your client’s minds with pens, mugs, duffle bags, shirts, and other everyday items branded with your business. It’s those subtle reminders that turn into “ah ha!” moments!

iPartnerMedia makes it easy to find the “swag” you are looking for. With our online portal, click, design, view and buy your company’s promotional items without having to pick up the phone or leave your desk. Promotional items are perfect for conference meetings, events, giveaways, trade shows or just surprise gifts to distribute to your contacts.

After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Our shop offers more than the typical promotional items like pens and mugs. We believe that swag takes all forms, shapes and sizes! That’s why we offer variety including apparel, food, bottles, drinks, and much more. Catch your customer’s eyes no matter what their interests are!

Promotional products are proven to impact and increase brand awareness. You can create a positive, long-lasting impression towards your consumers. These simple, reusable marketing materials work in your absence, planting your brand into their memory for future reference.

Be on your customer’s desk every day and establish your presence. Marketing has never felt so easy!

Our team of experts work alongside you to create a clear, engaging branding guide that will help all of your products stay creative and consistent! Steal every show with products that make an impact.


iPartnerMedia makes it easy to find the “swag” you are looking for.