PirAppcy: Protect Your Mobile App Ideas from Theft

You have the idea, you’re getting ready to build, but…there…at the horizon. Pirates! While you’re guided by the light and begin to set your idea into motion, it’s imperative that you keep your feet on deck. It’s easy to get swept up in the sea of innovation and excitement of a new endeavor. Before you start designing and building though, protect your mobile app from piracy, theft, and any other illegal act!

All it takes is one app idea to push you to the top, one idea to propel you into the realm of unrivaled success. How can you be assured that your app is protected though? The internet is in open season all year-round. Ideas and projects can be misconstrued, stolen, and used for profit. Before you start building your mobile app, a few questions need to be addressed.

  • Where did your app idea come from and who was involved in its inception and conception?
  • Do you own all aspect of your app? Who created the story, images and sound?
  • Have you filed for Copyright protection?
  • How secure is current business?
  • Are you collecting information on the app? If so, what does your business intend to do with it?

Intellectual Property

There are several types of ways you can protect your mobile app content; Copyright, Patent, and Trademark. It is recommended that your business registers the name of your app with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, following that up with a registration at the U.S. copyright office. In fact, app copyright registration makes you eligible for statutory damages up to $150,000.

IP Rights

Developing a mobile app has also brought IP rights to the forefront. There are key areas where your app could qualify for specific legal protection:

      • The app, including its original software code and content, may qualify for copyright protection.
      • Certain aspects of the app, including its source code, may be protectable as trade secrets.
      • A process or method embodied in an app may be patentable.
      • The app’s name may qualify for trademark protection.

Is your head spinning yet?

Obtaining and maintaining intellectual property protection can be a confusing and difficult process. It should only be handled by experienced intellectual property law attorneys and Registered patent attorneys. Thankfully, iPartnerMedia knows the perfect one!

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