Public Relations

Building stronger relationships

Building stronger relationships with your company’s stakeholders sits at the heart of a public relations program.

More than just writing media releases, strategic public relations drives your brand’s relationship with your employees, shareholders/investors, community organizations, government and customers. Being a great corporate citizen enhances the image and reputation of your company and builds goodwill within the communities you serve.

The A-team at iPartnerMedia features Randy Mitchelson, Accredited in Public Relations (APR), published writers, social media experts and seasoned business executives. Together, we live and breathe your company. We’re always on alert for opportunities to earn your company positive exposure in the media, at community events, in professional organizations and more.

Our structured approach to designing and executing public relations campaigns will provide you with measurable objectives, accurate budgets and defined timelines.Public RelationsSpecifically, the IPM public relations team is prepared to help your company in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • Establishing a key employee as a voice of authority and subject matter expert.

IPM can help you serve on expert panels, be a guest columnist and secure speaking engagements, all while building your social media audience. Our designers and writers will create succinct presentations to make your life easier and allow you to stay focused on what you do best.

  • Building relationships with charities and other non-profits that align with your company’s mission and shared values.

IPM walks the walk. Our team is already heavily engaged with a variety of charitable and other non-profit professional organizations and we will help your company be good Samaritans too. Planning your own charity events or getting the most value out of sponsoring someone else’s event requires effective and timely internal and external communications and promotion.

Public RelationsImproving employee satisfaction and retention.

Your staff is one of your most critical assets. Employee turnover can be deadly. Managing multigenerational staff (Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, etc.) is challenging. Having a proper plan in place for employee relations improves your company culture and retention. Employee newsletters, team building and diversity events and timely, truthful communications (good news or bad), are great examples of tactics we will help you with.

  • Anticipating regulatory changes and cultural trends that impact business.

IPM’s public relations staff are voracious readers who can stay alert for industry news, local, state and national legislative issues, consumer sentiment and more by scanning newsletters, reports, alerts, traditional media and more for both challenges and opportunities. We can also proactively manage any issues before they escalate into alarming situations.

  • Planning, preparing and practicing for potential crises.

What is your procedure for an extended office power or internet outage? How do you handle a customer data breach? What is protocol if a key executive unexpectedly dies? How do you respond both internally and publicly if an employee gets arrested? Our public relations team stands ready to help your company identify potential crisis scenarios and design appropriate policy, procedure and communications for those situations. Be prepared.

iPartnerMedia subscribes to the Public Relations Society of America’s Code of Ethics and holds a leadership role in the Florida Public Relations Association, southwest chapter.