Scary SEO Tricks that Haunt

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Is your Search Engine Optimization all trick and no treat? If you’re finding that your rankings are falling into the pits of despair, it may be due to undead SEO tactics. For local business, Google is one of the most important aspects of your business. Reanimate your dead rankings with SEO treats that will boost your business, keep your customers, and widen your audience.

Probably the biggest no-no in the SEO sphere aside from blatant plagiarism is keyword stuffing. It’s a lazy, unethical practice that is unfortunately used quite frequently. You may not even know it’s on your website or a web designer that you thought you could trust isn’t using the best practices. Regardless of the reason, it should never be done. Not only is it bad practice, it also looks terrible. Keyword stuffing, in essence, is an abundance of keywords in the copy or along the bottom of the page. That’s never a good look for any website.

Don’t sacrifice untrustworthy links or spam guest blogs for the sole purpose of quantity. It’s all about quality, not quantity. The most vital part of your website is that it’s informative, easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, but above all, honest. Not all backlinks are good back links, and not all content is considered quality content.

Content is king, crown and all. That being said, be wary of how you acquire your content. A good rule of thumb is that your content should come from your fingertips. Be wary of duplicate content and plagiarism. You may not even know that your content is not entirely your own. A second pair of eyes is always recommended to read over your work, make edits, and catch bad SEO practices if they arise.

Not all tricks are fun. SEO tricks in particular can do more damage than you may think. Google algorithms are always crawling websites on the search for unethical, unhelpful practices within websites. If Google feels that your website is violating rules; they have the ability to not only take your site off search rankings, but have it taken off the web completely.

Web traffic is a vital component to any business, big or small. Don’t jeopardize your hard work with a website that violates regulation. Our team is regular web connoisseurs, providing the best advice, SEO practices, and results. Leave the SEO tricks behind and fill your businesses goodie bags with treats!