Search Engine Marketing

The internet is your billboard

 iPartnerMedia offers broad and comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, including keyword research and bid price management, to ensure that you have a successful campaign without overbidding or exceeding your budget.

Our team works with you to develop SEM strategies that capture and keep your audience. By using specific keywords, strategy, and the right marketing platform, we are getting your message seen! After all, the point of search engine marketing is to make sure that keywords help drive customers to your site.

Are you already running a campaign but not seeing any results? Let us conduct an audit to evaluate its performance. If you’re new to paid search, we’ll help you select the keywords that are relevant, appropriate and, most importantly, have the highest conversion rates.

Whether you want to focus on a Google AdWords campaign, Facebook PPC, or other paid search advertising, such as Bing or Yahoo, iPartnerMedia can assist you with paid search strategy, management and optimization.

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iPartnerMedia offers broad and comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services.

Like catching fish in a bucket

Paid Search Marketing or Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), involves strategic keyword management. To be most effective, your paid search program should work hand-in-hand with your organic search (Search Engine Optimization). With SEM, your search ranking and placement is based on the purchase of specific keywords. The bid price of keywords varies, depending on the quality and competition for those keywords.

PPC is an effective way to find leads but it can be finicky to implement. Avoid the most common mistakes most marketers make; creating ads that are:

  • Irrelevant
  • Lack testing
  • Lack research
  • Have no Call-to-Action

Relevance should be on the top of your list but sadly, some marketers get so focused they forget about the whole point of the ad. Relevant ads should be obvious but unfortunately hundreds of ads miss the mark. Before launching the ad ask yourself simply, “Does this make sense?” Consider the link it redirects to, your keywords, and that message of the ad. If you’re already worried, don’t worry. Remember, everything can be fixed.

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SEM - iPartnerMedia Inc

What were we told in science class? If the experiment doesn’t work, you need to rework the hypothesis. Odds are you won’t reach gold when you first start digging. If an ad doesn’t work, change it.

There’s no shame in continuing to hone your skill. See what ads are performing better than others and tailor those that aren’t. PPC is always changing because consumer’s needs are always changing. Adapt and see results.

iPartnerMedia is constantly evaluating and testing our PPC campaigns, and will recommend opportunities for improvement. Another critical element to the success of your PPC campaign is an effective, engaging landing page. We’ll review your page, and, if necessary, redesign key page elements to make sure it’s easy to navigate, with relevant content and a strong offer—all of which are important for optimal performance and high conversion rates.

We provide creative services and specialized content creation so that your PPC ad and your landing page are stronger, smarter, and more appealing that your competition.

Be Seen on Every Screen

iPartnerMedia is putting your ad where your audience is looking. See results with Display Advertising that puts your business where it needs to be seen. Experience real-time reporting, easily managed budgets, and a tailored, targeted audience for maximum exposure. Our team uses the latest and best practices to get your ad placed where your current and potential customers are.

Showing up in front of your audience is half the battle. iPartnerMedia has effective strategies that are helping businesses not only find customers, but get them engaged. Choose from powerful methods of targeting by city, state, zip code and show up on the websites your customers browse.

Strut Your Stuff on Social Media!

iPartnerMedia creates colorful, informative ads for you business. Whether you’d like to highlight a product or service, or simply drive traffic to your website, we use decisive call-to-action’s to get the results you’ve been waiting for.

Re-targeting - iPartnerMedia Inc

Reuse, Recycle, Remarket

You’ve captured the attention of your audience with an effective call to action. They’ve browsed your website. Don’t let it end with a simple scroll. When your customers click and browse, make sure they’re taking action. Retargeting, or remarketing, helps you track the traffic to your website, turning browsers into leads.

Remarket Ads and Track Conversions using Facebook Pixels!

iPartnerMedia can help you leverage the most out of your customer’s visit and keep them coming back for more. Our team works beside you to track and tailor your voice to grab your customer’s attention.