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Search engines are where the magic happens! Explore the avenues iPartnerMedia takes to help your website reach the top. Otimization is using the tools and opportunities we have to improve the success and longevity of your website!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about boosting your site’s ranking and increasing its traffic through the use of specific keywords to ensure your customers can easily find your web presence on search engines like Google and Bing. Our team is helping your website stand out in the crowd and burst through the search rankings!

With so much information crammed onto the web, it’s easy to get lost. Let us be the lighthouse that guides you back to the front page!

Our team is comprised of web development experts, copywriters, and graphic design. These are all the puzzle pieces your website needs to succeed. We start with keyword research and then use our findings to optimize each page on your website with the right balance of keyword friendly terms to avoid the adverse effects of over-optimization. Google, in particular, is very picky about content. They want to see quality, well-written content that adds values. Algorithms change all the time, but one thing that never changes is quality. It’s all about quality content that’s cared for and maintained. That’s why we make it a point to keep up with all the industry developments to make sure you stay on top.

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Explore the avenues iPartnerMedia takes to help your website reach the top.

Content is King!

Written content works two-fold: a steady flow of information will keep you at the top of your search field, yet it also gives you the opportunity to engage your audience, positioning yourself as the voice of authority in your industry. Content has several avenues: blogs, press release syndication, web content, social media and online company listings are just a few. Maximize your reach and engage the customers your business can benefit from.

iPartnerMedia assesses your business, your goals, and your budget to put together clear, concise strategies that make the most of what’s available on your website. We also have a host of skilled copywriters that can expand on your pages to build a stronger voice of authority!

The internet and digital sphere has put businesses in their customers hands, creating a world of competition. Leave your competitors in the dust with engaging and creative call-to-actions. Our in-house team come from every end of the professional spectrum, providing you with well-rounded, creative content that reaches customers both near and far.

There are several cogs in the Search Engine Optimization wheel, but content will always be the key factor. Keywords are important, yet you can’t sacrifice quality for word stuffing. When your customers click and browse, you’ll want to give them a reason to keep reading. Trust iPartnerMedia to do your voice justice.iPartnerMedia Content Marketing

Voices of the 21st Century

Content isn’t a static creature. It must constantly be refreshed in order to stay relevant. Blogging is one of the most popular methods because search engine optimization (SEO) is directly connected to consistent and engaging content. Developing new, keyword-rich content through blogging offers you four distinct advantages:

  • Heightens SEO Ranking
  • Increases Web Traffic
  • Creates Brand Development and Credibility
  • Strengthens Customer Relationships
  • Press Releases

iPartnerMedia will help you tell your story to the community and beyond. Build anticipation and spread your business with tailored press releases that engage and promote conversation. We can expertly craft and syndicate press releases for all of the exciting developments and announcements taking place within your business.

Our Search Engine Optimization strategy includes guest blogs to create outside links to your home site while exposing your brand and your business through various online platforms. To this day, press and media outlets are still highly relevant in giving your company exposure in more ways than you think.

Many news outlets and blogs will post news from press releases on their website, expanding your outreach to an even larger audience while creating opportunities for backlinks. This is expanded visibility for you that will also extend into web searches on popular engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Our team does our research! iPartnerMedia works alongside you, creating engaging materials, online and in print. Contact our offices today to create a buzz within your community.

iPartnerMedia Content Marketing

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