The Secret Sauce Behind Reputation Management


If you are ever in the mood for a good read, get yourself a copy of Google Bomb authored by Sue Scheff and John Dozier. You will learn very quickly just how easy both your personal and professional reputation can be damaged even if you did nothing wrong.

Negative online reviews cost your business money and lots of it. Worse, these testimonials are often on websites that earn high search ranking.

My company has been asked to present a reputation management proposal to a client who has experienced customer complaints posted on, Better Business Bureau website, etc.

Regardless of whether the complaints are valid or not, a business must still manage their reputation. How would you feel if page one of search engine results listed a bunch of negative reviews and complaints?

Counter Attacking Negative Posts Online

How do you counter attack page 1 search results on Google that blemish your brand?

Think in terms of shelf space. As new, more interesting, more innovative products come on the market, stores must make shelf space. They don’t add more shelves. They relocate existing products that might be under performing to harder to see locations and also reduce the number of shelf slots available.

The same concept holds true online. Search results are like shelf space. Your goal with reputation management is to bring new results to the table and push older, less desirable search results into harder to find locations (i.e., pages 2, 3, 4, and beyond of search results).

There are several tactics you can employ to do this including:

-directory listings

-landing pages

-media relations

-guest writing and blogging


-social media

-website enhancements

Search engine results are driven by computer algorithms that determine relevance based on the keyword phrase you type into the search box.

Creating more relevant search results for the algorithm to see and consider will create the new shelf space you are looking for and push results that you want to de-emphasize deeper and deeper.