Should You Consider a Facebook Fan Page?

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Should You Consider a Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook is becoming a staple for business and its important to keep yourselves active with unique, engaging content. But now, it may take more than a business page to get the results your looking for. A Facebook fan page for your business is easy to share, like, and its wide accessibility. A professional page is always an asset to your company but a Fan Page may be worth a look at.

Fan Pages have more freedom than a personal account with an unlimited friend count. On personal pages, the friend count is maximized at 5,000, but a Fan Page gives you the opportunity to share and have your friends share, widening the potential consumer market. Your brand is a vital component to your success, why limit the accessibility of that brand? Fan Pages also has enormous impact on your search engine results as Facebook fan pages are indexed and can help optimize your results. These results can boost your SEO and can be paired with the direct traffic to your site. Fan pages are also linked to great analytic content. You can view garnered posts, monitor weekly reach, and grow and learn which posts are the most popular, gather more attention, etc.

Fan pages initially sound like an immature option for your business but it can be beneficial and improve your social media presence. Get your business out there with Facebook advertising, engage your fans with a Facebook contest, interact with new users. Fan pages give you the ability to access statistical information, brush up on your news feed marketing, and create funny, relative posts. Fan pages, and Facebook in general, can help build, change, or update your brand image. Utilize these social media tools and maximize your internet potential. iPartnerMedia can help!