Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing That Generates Results!

Social media marketing (also known as SMM) is a strategic campaign composed of original content, videos, and paid social media advertisements geared toward a targeted audience. In layman’s terms, it’s all about tapping into the Internet’s expansive reach to your advantage. Whether you’re trying to expand your exposure, generate sales, or lead users to your website, you can get amazing results through online media.

iPartnerMedia works alongside its clients to create a social media marketing plan that is specifically tailored toward your target audience. There’s nothing vague about our approach. We sit down with you prior to execution to determine exactly what you want your social media marketing to accomplish. Looking to increase sales? Build an online business? Expand your audience? Whatever you’re objective, we’ll build a strategy with a clear plan of action.iPartnerMedia Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Management vs. Social Media Marketing

We get it. It all sounds the same when you’re not in the social media business. However, there is a distinct difference between social media management and social media marketing. You can post updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other online channels all day long and never see a single benefit or engagement. Why? Because posting and marketing are two different things.

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Our social media management services help you establish your brand online while building an SEO presence. We create your online footprint for anyone searching to learn more about your business to browse and for those you’re already connected with to engage. It’s an excellent resource, but it’s not the same thing as a marketing plan.

The internet is a vast resource, rich with diverse audiences and opportunities to create a great return on a marketer’s investment. Social media has transformed the web marketing landscape, introducing engaging way to reach your customers like never before. Now businesses are communicating directly to their consumers through various platforms, and it’s changing the way we deliver our campaigns.

Marketing in the digital world is based on connection and conversation, not a sales pitch. Gone are the days of “Used Car Salesman” tactics.

Social media marketing optimizes your online presence in a cohesive campaign tailored around a specific objective. It can grow your audience, send a message, and initiate a call-to-action on a platform that today’s society spends a bulk of their free time navigating.

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What does a Social Media Marketing campaign include?

Social media campaigns can include several different approaches, including:

  • Creating a cohesive brand across all social media platforms
  • Optimizing search engine listings
  • Creating, executing, and monitoring Social Media/PPC Campaigns
  • Boosting social media posts to expand reach
  • Build conversions through social media channels
  • Creating and syndicating new content, including blogs and web pages
  • Utilize pixels to track and report conversions and build target audiences

This merely scratches the surface. If you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing, our team of social media and advertising gurus will work closely with you to help your business reach its goals. Simply give us a call at 239-449-4749 to get started!