“SCORE” Big with This Amazing Resource

SCORE Are you starting a small business in Naples Florida

Are you starting a small business in Naples, Florida? If so, you know how daunting and exciting those first steps can be. After all, creating a business is easy. It’s making it a success that is the challenge, and the results are up to you.

Luckily, you don’t have to go at it alone. Perhaps you’ve heard of SCORE. Originally called the “Service Corps of Retired Executives”, its name eventually evolved into the acronym SCORE, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the health and growth of small businesses.

Many chapters scatter the US, including SCORE Naples. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to grow an existing small business, this local chapter is fantastic for free and low-cost resources geared toward helping you facilitate your company’s success.

Starting a Small Business in Naples, Florida? Access SCORE’s Naples Chapter Website for Free Mentorship, Tutorials, and more.

How SCORE Helps You Win

Gone are the days of wishing that you had the insight of experts to help guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. With SCORE, you receive access to more than 13,000 volunteers to help you start and grow a small business in Naples, Florida successfully—free of charge.

How does it work? There are multiple ways SCORE’s Naples, Florida chapter can help you pave a road to success, including:

Here’s how it works:

Mentorship Made Easy

SCORE’s free mentorship program allows you to search through a database for business professionals willing to mentor you. With the option to filter your selection by keyword, industry, and location, users are able to easily browse and contact volunteers who have a reputation of success. Ask them questions, pick their brains for advice, and learn from their experience as you build your business from the ground, up.

SCORE Big with These Workshops!

With SCORE, maintaining your edge with frequent training opportunities has never been so easy. Sign up for free online workshops or take advantage of low-cost in-person sessions on site! With their calendar covering a wide range of industries, skills, and challenges, you are bound to find something relevant to your business.

Gain Access to Free Resources for Starting a Business in Naples, Florida!

On the Naples’ SCORE website, you can access a wide range of blogs, podcasts, and videos without spending a dime. These resources are rich with insight, tips, and strategies to help you kickoff and expand your small business.

Does It Help? You Bet!

Multiple success stories have been born from SCORE’s many resources. Discover what other small businesses have to say about the assistance of their mentors, SCORE’s workshops, and it’s multiple resources, then discover firsthand what they can do for you.