successful direct mail campaignDirect Mail campaigns are a great way to drum up business so long as you have a compelling message to deliver. Generating a successful campaign is more than just a numbers game. Strategy matters. The quality of your presentation and the message it conveys will play a crucial role in whether your campaign will generate leads or fill the local recycling bins.

Start By Defining Your Target Audience

You hear this question again and again in marketing: “Who is your target audience?” There’s a reason for that. Your target audience is the cornerstone your campaign will be built upon. What matters to an audience varies greatly depending on the interests, priorities, income, and other demographical factors unique to that group. Those priorities will help you decide upon the voice, design, type, and incentive that will compose your mailer.

Once you define and understand your audience, mailing lists can be purchased based on that specific group or demographic. Keep in mind there are different types of mailing lists to choose from, including specialty lists, custom mailing lists, and cloned lists. Each one is different:

    • Specialty Lists hone in on specific individuals based on their behaviors, such as new parents, sports fans, investors, etc.
    • Custom Mailing Lists target specific demographics such as age, income, gender, marital status, and home ownership.
    • Cloned Lists are unique in that they generate an expanded list based on the demographical factors of your current customers or prospects.

    Create a Compelling Message

    There are three things to keep in mind when creating a compelling and effective campaign message:

      • What do you want the recipient to know?
      • Why does it matter?
      • What action should your message lead to?

      Keep in mind you’ll want to convey the most important message at first glance. Those few precious seconds will determine whether you hold the recipient’s attention. Consider leading with an incentive or “bait” to lure your reader into opening the mailer or reading further.

      Your message should connect with the recipient in a way that matters. If your campaign is centered on bringing people in for a service or purchasing a product, then present yourself as the solution to a problem or an asset that would make his or her life better. Create a call-to-action through time-sensitive coupons or giveaways that will help generate the results you want.

      Choose the Appropriate Mailer

      Once you establish your message, you need to make sure you present it correctly. There are different types of mailers available for direct mail campaigns. The most common are below:

        • Postcards are small, inexpensive cards that don’t require the recipient to open its contents. This format is perfect for concise messages and coupons.
        • Self-Mailers are bi-fold or tri-fold mailers. These are larger than a postcard and fold over to serve as their own “envelope.” They provide more space to communicate with the recipient than a postcard.
        • Lead Letters are literal, formal business letters that work best when reaching out to formal businesses. They give you the opportunity to address the individual personally instead of appearing like marketing collateral.

        iPartnerMedia is experienced and equipped to help facilitate the success of your direct mail campaign. We are a full, in-house marketing team that provides services for content creation, mailer design, printing, and mailing. If you have questions about the best way to execute a direct mail campaign or would like our marketing team to collaborate with you to see it through, just give us a call at 239-449-4749.