The ABC’s of Holiday Cards

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iPM ABC's of Holiday CardsIt’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays. You may just be starting to see pumpkins and ghosts, but Santa Claus and Rudolph are just around the corner.

The holidays are a special time to show gratitude and spread joy. This extends to the professional world, as well. Show your customers you care with a simple yet thoughtful holiday card.

There are a few do’s and dont’s that every business should take into consideration. iPartnerMedia is taking you through the ABC’s of holiday cards to make the most of the season.

Have an Analytical Approach

Trust us. It’s not as clinical as it sounds, but planning your holiday cards should be somewhat methodical. First, start early. That’s right, you should be planning your holiday cards now to avoid the holiday rush. Plan to send your cards by Thanksgiving to ensure they arrive by the holidays.

Who will you be sending your cards to? How are you going to send them? When are you going to send them? What will you say?

Finding the right words and clientele will take some time. Give yourself a few weeks in advance to craft the appropriate message, create a mailing list, check it twice, and find the right print provider.

Don’t Forget to Brand

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is not branding their holiday cards. Give your customers a little thought. Don’t just pick up a generic pack of cards at Target. Designing and printing your holiday cards is more affordable than you may think. Use your business’ branding guide to craft a well-designed, warm, and festive card

The card’s message should reflect your brand. Stay consistent with your tone. Is your company playful and fun, or stoic and serious? There’s no wrong way to write as long as it is uniform and genuine.

Remain neutral and don’t make any assumptions. It’s unlikely that you’ll know all of your customer’s affiliations and background, so it’s considered best practice to avoid religious and cultural connotations.

Be Creative

Get crafty with your message! Make it personal and genuine. You don’t have to wax lyrical on the season, but a brief, heartfelt message will speak volumes to your customers.

Speaking of C’s, it’s not just about Christmas! Consider sending cards for Thanksgiving or the New Year. Most businesses will receive at least a few Christmas cards. Be unique and throw in a New Year card while you’re at it!

Really want to make an impact? Throw in a gift too. Check out how you can leverage promotional products for the holidays.

Don’t Go Digital

In a world ruled by screen, print is a commodity that shows your business cares.

Don’t be swayed by the ease of e-mail. It doesn’t take much effort to send a card, but it makes a world of difference.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Let’s get started! Contact iPartnerMedia today to begin designing and printing your holiday cards. Our team is equipped to help you brand your cards and envelopes with a creative design. Remember, print is an action, not just a service.

Call us today at 239-449-4749 to speak with a member of our print team! We will be happy to help you design and print the perfect cards for your business this season!