The Dot Makes Friends: gTLD’s Expansion

Look up at the url bar. Do you see anything different? Monumental? Probably not but with a concentrated eye, you will start to see the beginnings of something great. We are accustomed to seeing “.com” so much that it barely registers with us any longer, until now. The little dot that precedes “com” is much more important than you realize. With the expansion of the internet, the consecutive letters are shaping the future of the internet. You may notice that usually “com”, “net”, “org”, or “edu” precedes the all-encompassing dot but as the cyber world grows, the dot is gaining many more friends. These are known as gTLD’s, or generic top-level domains.

The expansion comes with new gTLD’s. That monumental dot is preceding new words and languages which will create a whole other atmosphere for the internet. Whatever follows the dot will soon determine interests, brands, or institutions that you visit. I’m sure you have already seen changing or different terms. For example “.hyundai” will bring branding to a whole new level. With the addition to their URL, brands will learn how to better serve your needs, improving on web functionality and serving. The URL change is also expanding to include cities like “.naples”, creating and online home for consumers. Most recently, new gTLD’s are available in different languages. Including other languages will give us connectivity like we have never seen before.

So what’s the big deal? New gTLD’s are a big deal to web developers, designers, and users alike. Companies are climbing on board as well. In 2012 Google applied for 101 new gTLD strings, Amazon applied for 76, and Microsoft applied for 11. The internet and its expansion is going to continue to grow and take different directions even if it seems impossible for it to get larger than it already is. Has your company considered branching out into other gTLD’s? Make sure that your company is looking at all its options and consider starting new today!