The Trick to Tweets: Your Business on Twitter

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Okay, so maybe nobody’s flocking to your business on Twitter. You tweet and you hashtag, but all you engage are crickets. You start to think it’s time you shed your feathers and call it quits.

“Leave it to the birds!” you say in frustration.

Fowl puns aside, iPartnerMedia is here to teach you a few tricks to getting interactions and increasing your followers. Twitter is a unique platform, different from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and the others. As such, it requires a different approach.

Be a Peacock

Make your presentation stand out by flaunting your brand. Your Twitter handle should be simple, but clearly represent the name of your business. Remember, you’re connecting with a mobile audience who works mostly with their thumbs. Choose something that’s easy to remember and even easier to type.

Next, you’ll want to dress up your page. Your profile image and banner should be eye-catching. Always feature high-quality images that echo your brand. Pixelated photos are detractors and they look awful… don’t make a bad first impression.

Try to capture your brand in an appealing design. If you have an in-house designer or the time to be creative, then don’t be afraid to refresh this look every few months. It can be as simple as tweaking the images slightly to reflect the seasons or creating a special banner to highlight the company’s milestones. By refreshing your content, you reflect yourself as a living entity with a consistent presence that evolves with the times.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Twitter isn’t a numbers game. Don’t think if you follow 1,000 random people, you’ll gain 1,000 followers eager to interact with you. Twitter is all about conversation and conversations require common ground.

For example, if you are a Health and Fitness company, following Dunkin Donuts may not be the best start to building your audience. You need to be selective. Find likeminded Twitter users who will take an interest in the subjects you like to talk about and vice versa.

Some of the people you follow will follow you back. This will help build a foundation for the conversations you’ll start and engage in via your account. As their activity starts to fill your feed, you will have a glimpse into what’s trending amidst your audience and industry, which leads us to our next Twitter tip!

Sing Along With Others

Do you feel like you’re shouting into the void? Keep in mind that Twitter isn’t a place to echo content from Facebook or LinkedIn. You have 140 characters to saying something to your audience. Think of it like your contribution to a conversation that’s already in motion. Make a point; share an exciting revelation; use photos and memes to express your thoughts. Your goal is to incite a response and inspire people to share whatever you’re talking about.

Also, don’t be afraid to talk back. Twitter is like a networking event. You have to interact with the people around you. See what your followers are tweeting about and respond with quips, statements, or tips of your own. Make sure your voice reflects the brand you’re representing, but have fun with it.

When you become an active presence that responds to content as often as you create it, you’ll start to build a relationship with your followers. That relationship will develop into loyalty as you integrate yourself into your customer, consumer or clientele’s community. Next thing you know, your voice is relevant.

That’s what Twitter’s all about.

Fly With the Trends

Finally, there’s the vast world of tweets and hashtags. You’ll find on your account dashboard a column labeled “Trends.” This tells you what hashtags are hot on Twitter at that moment. Tap into these freebies to reach a larger audience. Google now pulls trending hashtags into its search engine.

The purpose of these pound sign laden statements is to connect with others talking about the same things you are. Using analytic resources such as will help you see exactly how many people are using a particular hashtag. Optimize on these and you’ll broaden your reach tenfold.

Need Help Soaring Higher?

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