Trusting a Professional With Your Website

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Trusting a Professional with Your Website

ElizabethBGRightA massive horde of body-builders run down a city street to a local business, eager to get spray tanned.  A man is struck to a stop in a dark alley, threatened with eerie signs, overwhelming stimuli, and frankly, horrifying people. The Super Bowl commercials certainly made their point; the internet can be a strange and overwhelming place. With so many options, it’s hard to tell what service professional is the best, what is the right option.

Go Daddy’s body building ad along with Squarespace’s anxiety-inducing spot, both are praising the simplicity and importance of a well-working website. Go Daddy is renowned for incredibly cheap domain names and Squarespace’s claim to fame is customization and ease. While both have their own flair, the advertisements raised the question of quality over price. When it comes to your small businesses website, wouldn’t it be wiser to work with professionals rather than going at it alone. The prices for Go Daddy, Squarespace, and various other DIY website developing platforms are tempting, but incredibly limiting.

“You get what you pay for” is the old adage. Trusting a professional with your website is a smart step for your local business. A professional service offers web development, hosting, and assistance. It is an all-encompassing service that keeps the customer in mind, the goals and vision, and continues well after the website is complete. Building a website is no easy task, no matter what anyone says. There are certain qualities and nuances to each program, codes to consider, layout, and design. A professional discusses and plans based on your businesses goals, company standard, taking into consideration color schemes, photo, and whatever you may want to add.

When you trust your business with a website developing professional, you are ensuring that your website is in good hands. Your website is your customer’s first connection to your business; start them off on the right foot with an accessible, easy-to-use, impressionable site made by professionals for professionals.