If there’s one thing you need to know about SEO, it’s this: nothing stays the same for too long.

The strategies you used last year may not generate the same positive results this year. For this reason, it’s important to always keep a close eye on up and coming trends.

With the right approach, there’s a much greater chance of implementing an SEO strategy that boosts your rankings, thus increasing traffic (and hopefully revenue).

Here are five up and coming SEO trends to experiment with in 2019:

1. Voice Search

With each passing year, voice search becomes more and more popular. While there’s no replacement for valuable content, it’s important to build it around “search intent” as opposed to specific keywords. This will go a long way in setting you up for voice search success.

2. Quality Over Quantity

It’s held true for the past few years, and will be the case again in the months to come. It’s more important to publish high quality content, as opposed to a high quantity of content.

Write content that connects with your target audience. Write content that’s link-worthy, so you don’t have to spend much time – if any – trying to build relevant links.

3. SSL is Important

It wasn’t that long ago when Google announced that secured website certificates (SSL) would impact search engine rankings. Now, if you pay close attention when browsing, you’ll come to find that some browsers, such as Chrome, are making note of potentially unsafe websites (those that don’t begin with HTTPS).

Even though it will set you back a few dollars (somewhere in the range of $50/year), it’s something you need to consider if SEO is on your mind.

4. Video SEO

With video content more popular than ever before – and growing – you shouldn’t hesitate to focus some of your marketing resources in this area.

But it’s important to do more than create video content. You must also understand video SEO, as this gives your videos the best chance of securing views and generating high quality leads or sales.

5. Site Speed

In today’s day and age, everyone wants everything now – not later. Google has made it clear that site speed is a ranking factor, so test this often.

Searchers want results in a hurry, so you need to outdo the competition in this area. A slow site not only pushes people away, but it can also harm your search engine rankings.

What are your thoughts on these up and coming trends in SEO? Can you use them to your advantage in 2019?