Could You Use a Boost in Local Search?

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Could You Use a Boost in Local Search?

Google is rolling out some exciting new updates in its local search algorithm. This update will target and improve local search. What does that mean for your business’s success when it comes to local search? The algorithm, which is largely nameless save for the tentative nickname “Pigeon”, will focus on local search industries and improve their distance and location restrictions. In its essence, this will allow businesses to pinpoint exact locations. This will be a big improvement for clustered areas within a city. Along with local search, the algorithm will also focus on more features such as a knowledge graph, targeting misspellings and synonyms are being searched.

The algorithm is new but some businesses are noticing improvements already. An improved local search can maximize the success your search rankings and give you a boost in local directory sites like Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, and Yelp. So what? Well, it’s a big deal if you’re business is looking for increased web traffic and a higher search result. Directory sites and local searches on Google Maps increases your search ranking and drives traffic to your site.

Search is a big factor of internet success for local businesses. It can make the difference between the first or second page on Google. Improve your search ranking even more by making a business profile on Google My Business. Get a pin-drop on the map and steadily rise so that when your industry is googled, your website is the first thing that potential customers see.

Local searches are like free advertising; just by being accessible and visible on the web is helping your web traffic and may get you more business.

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