Visitor Analytics for the Modern World

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Visitor Analytics for the Modern World

Visitor analytics were all the rage when they emerged in the beginning of internet marketing data. In recent years however, the web has grown too large and competitive for these tools to be helpful, as they no longer accurately monitor the bulk of information due to technological advances. To combat this gap in information, internet marketers need to be aware of the information that they’re letting slip away. There are three challenges that marketers all struggle with; measuring and reporting, uncovering problem issues, and identifying areas of opportunity. These may sound simple and straight-to-the-point but the realty is that with the evolution and accessibility on internet marketing, these three categories have become competitive and complex.

To understand the tools we so desperately need, we must first ask ourselves what indicators we are looking for in terms of our web research. Our tools should be used to help us gauge whether our website is effective, relevant, and the statistics shown give us inklings of where our opportunities lay. Web marketing has become an instantaneous entity; failure to change a negative pattern can affect your company’s page for weeks, if not longer.

But with every problem, there lies salvation within software. There are a number of programs to chose from in regards to data collection, a popular being Moz Analytics. “Moz Analytics tracks the performance of all your inbound marketing efforts on one platform.” Taken from, it continues, “We show you how your social presence impacts your SEO. You see how your content is being shared through social channels and how that drives traffic to your website.”

The need for web marketing data is irreplaceable in our technological age. Track your company’s website and social media sites to see where your visitor analytics rank and where there needs to be extended focus.