What Does 2014 Mean for SEO?

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What Does 2014 Mean for SEO?

iPartnerMediaLogo2013 is coming to a close; with Thanksgiving just around the corner, Christmas will be here before we know it, the famed holiday stretch before the end of the year. 2014 brings a whole whirlwind of questions, predominantly from internet marketers. This year, Google created and strengthened new and old algorithm’s to create a more fair and effective internet experience. That being said, it has raised a few serious questions among webmasters. For the new year, we wonder what the next step will be; SEO or PPC (pay-per-click). With Google’s algorithm changes has come a shift in how businesses operate in their internet endeavors. Relevant content has become the main name of the game while keyword-laden content has become a thing of the past for some businesses.

Many businesss are begining to plan their marketing budget for 2014 and with that comes strategy. Should your business invest in SEO or PPC? Both are a popular part of marketing, but is one going to increase in the coming year? The 2013 State of Paid Search has surveyed and found that a whopping 72% of business plan to spend more on PPC. Whereas SEO takes time, PPC takes money.

Regardless, experts reiterate that SEO will remain a large part of business. No matter if a business invests in PPC, SEO simply cannot be ignored. Organic links are a vital part of SEO and businesses credibility.

Mobile-friendly websites will continue to be an important aspect of 2014. Mobile searching has continued to increase and will only continue that steady rise. Is your business prepared for 2014? Strategize today and create an effective campaign to create a positive marketing and advertising campaign.

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