Why invest in Direct Mail Marketing?

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Print is dead, that’s what we have been hearing for as long as we can remember but is it really true? According to a study by Bolt Insurance, print continues to not only live, but thrive. Bolt has provided an infographic and information proving that direct mail marketing is actually increasing and will continue to increase with a 3.6% growth by 2014.

But how is it working, you ask? On average, out of those who receive direct mail marketing, 6.5 in 10 make purchases or engage with the business as a result. In certain fields and topics, direct mail is actually preferred due to security or discretion. According to the infographic, among the areas most preferred are medically and financially charged. Direct Mail is also 30 times more likely to receive a response then emails.

The statistics speak for themselves; direct mail is growing and will continue to do so, gaining traction in certain industry’s. Check out the infographic below for more insight on the growing success of Direct Mail Marketing.



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