Why Should You Invest in Promotional Products?

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Why Should You Invest in Promotional Products

We have a new button on our sidebar, have you noticed? Shift your eyes a bit to the right, underneath that green “Why Video” button, aha! there it is. The new, exciting extension of our business, iPartnerMedia now offers promotional products. We are thrilled to become your one-stop shop for promotional goods and services. We offer much more than your typical items like pens and mugs, expanding into apparel and even food and drink alternatives. These products are proven to impact and increase brand awareness, along with creating a positive, long-lasting impression towards your consumers. These products are an excellent form of marketing due to their tangibility, flexibility, and every-day use.

PPAI, Promotional Products Association International, describes this service, “Promotional products—usually imprinted with a company’s name, logo or message—include useful or decorative articles of merchandise that are utilized in marketing and communication programs”. PPAI measures statistics and explores ways in which products are successful, which products are used the most, least, etc., and how these products affect consumers.


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The power of products can be seen in the statistics. According to PPAI, “88% recalled the advertiser from a promotional product received in the last 12 months, 71% recalled advertisers on a newspaper or magazine read a week before.” When receiving a promotional product, consumers were more likely to remember the businesses who gave them item. Once recalled, that particular business is in the consumer’s evoked set, a mental list of alternatives when deciding on a business or service to choose from.

Promotional products are extremely flexible as well, and can be used as a multitude of different products. Our website lists thousands of alternatives for mugs, pens, apparel, food, drink, and electronic accessories. Visit our site today to explore options for your business and give your company a hefty marketing boost to create that business relationship today.


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