Why Marketers Shouldn't Forget About Yahoo

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Why Marketers Shouldn’t Forget About Yahoo

“Yahoo? Does anyone still use that?” The search engine that took the world by storm in the 2000s is far from gone, despite what you might think. The Tampa Bay Business Journal has cited seven interesting (and surprising!) facts about the current nature of Yahoo.com and encouraging us that it’s more active than ever.

1. According to data from BIA/Kelsey, about 16 percent of U.S. consumers use Yahoo.com for local shopping. The percentage for Hispanic consumers who use Yahoo for local shopping is slightly higher.

2. Yahoo has a large audience with mobile users. Research from comScore found that 82.4 percent of U.S. mobile Internet users used Yahoo sites or apps in Q4 2013.

3. A different comScore study noted that 53.5 million Americans watched videos on Yahoo.com sites in December 2013 for an average of 47.8 minutes.

4. For U.S. consumers, the gap between Yahoo and the other major websites isn’t as deep as many would assume. According to Nielsen, 129.8 million Americans visited Yahoo per month in 2013, compared to Google 164.8 million and 134.9 million for Facebook. If Yahoo gets nearly as much attention as Facebook, it’s worth it for some businesses to make sure they can be found through Yahoo listings.

5. More Americans get their news from the site than from other major news outlets. According to a study Nielsen released in November 2013, 47.3 million Americans visited Yahoo-ABC News websites in September 2013 compared to 41.5 million for CNN and 32.2 million for the Huffington Post.

6. Yahoo is also used nearly as much as Google for social logins on certain sites. Gigya reported that 21 percent of social media logins by media and publishing sites are with Yahoo compared to 28 percent for Google+ and 44 percent for Facebook.

7. Yahoo may account for only about 10 percent of U.S. explicit core searches, but that still translates to a lot of time on the site. Nielsen reported that 128 million Americans accessed it in November 2013 for an average of two hours and four minutes.

So, what’s the big deal? While the majority of search is done on Google, there is still a significant amount of activity on Yahoo.com that should not be forgotten. Utilizing your internet marketing tactics will improve your SEO as you will be active on multiple platforms. Tailoring your message to the average user will also be beneficial and hey, many companies also think, “who still uses Yahoo?”. This gives marketers a great opportunity to tap into a, seemingly, untapped target group. As you read above, in 2013 as many people were using Yahoo as they were Facebook. That is a large number that should not be ignored in a marketing or business standpoint.

The statistics are staggering but they shouldn’t be. We naturally think that most internet users simply use the web the way we do when that is, obviously, not the case. It just goes to show that we should never brush off a search engine just because it isn’t the most used. Invest some time to a little research, a bit of planning, and start finding marketing success. The results may end up surprising you.