Why Video Marketing is a Necessity

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Why Video Marketing is a Necessity

iPM Video Marketing BlogAll you need to do is take a look at your Facebook feed to understand the permeation and sheer impact video has today. Between precious baby moments, engagement announcements, puppy videos, advertisements, and that one family member that posts way too much, you’ll find an endless array of video content. They connect with us on various levels: emotional, funny, controversial, and passionate. And let’s face it, the odds are you’re going to click on at least one of them. It only makes sense that your business takes advantage of this trending form of media in the form of video marketing.

After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 1.8 million!

The World is Watching

Younger generations are consuming more media content than ever before, mostly in the form of video. In fact, as the age bracket decreases, the number of consumption increases. Take a look at these percentages of YouTube users by generation and how it exemplifies its growth:

  • 43% – Baby Boomers
  • 58% – Gen Xers
  • 72% – Millennials
  • 81.9% – Teens, ages 14-17

The Millennial Generation is particularly drawn to video. Ranging from 18 to 34, this generation grew up during a time when video media really began to take off. Their formative years were spent exploring the latest YouTube videos and testing their videography skills. From pioneering content to the poorly executed (Not all of us were meant to be on the big screen!), users of all kinds were uploading content.

Today, Millennial’s are young professionals that are taking their love of video and applying it to business, and rightly so! >Diode Digital found that promotion through video is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined. This is extending to the wide world of websites as well. If a video is available on a website, 60% of visitors will watch before reading any text.

The Power of Video Marketing

Did you know that there are currently 1 billion users on YouTube, with 4 billion videos being watched every day? With statistics like that, it’s no wonder YouTube is growing at an incredible rate of 33% per year!

Yet despite these incredible numbers and a growing market, a measly 9% of small businesses are using YouTube. It’s hard to imagine why, especially when YouTube is responsible for 28% of all Google searches and is the second largest search engine in the world (after, of course, Google).

It’s time to wake up! Video is a MUST in today’s professional world. They don’t just reach a casual audience anymore. Business executives prefer to watch videos now, too! 59% of senior executives reported their preference to watch video over reading text, while 75% of executives watch videos while they work.

The addition of video captivates its audience. It lures them in and keeps them there. For example, landing pages that include video has 800% more conversions versus a page that is solely comprised of text.

Simply put, videos can be the difference between a website visitor and your next customer.

Facebook Vs. YouTube

Although YouTube is one of the biggest players in video, Facebook is not far off. In fact, they’re gaining on YouTube. What started out as simply sharing videos, Facebook has recently taken several great steps  into video marketing, and it’s making big ripples in the business community.

Facebook Live Streaming (a live video option not offered by YouTube) is changing the way businesses and users engage with an audience. Facebook is capitalizing on its ingenuity and offering big names the chance to thrive through their service. According to some reports and whispers through the grapevine, Facebook is offering to pay celebrities and popular media sites like Buzzfeed large sums of money to post regular Facebook Live streams. With Facebook flaunting 1.5 billion users, it hasn’t taken much to convince celebrities, corporations, and businesses of all sizes to start utilizing this feature.

The wonderful thing about Facebook Livestreaming is that anyone can do it. Uncover the secret to Facebook Live that every marketer needs to know. It’s functional, efficient, and fun way to engage with your audience on both a personal and professional level.

“Lights, Camera, Action!”

Need some help taking those first steps onto the big screen? Captivate your audience with iPartnerMedia Video Marketing services and start tapping into the fastest growing platform for showcasing products and services. You can call our offices today at 239-449-4749. Our team will work with you from the planning stages to “That’s a wrap!”